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One Thing to Increase Revenue For Your Martial Arts School

December 04, 20221 min read

I get asked a lot…how do I get more revenue for my martial arts school?

It’s simple, get more students.

But that’s not the only way.

The truth is there's no 'one thing you can do. There are actually 3 ways to increase revenue.

  1. Get more students

  2. Get them to pay more

  3. Get them to stay longer

Focus on pricing and retention - not just getting new students through the door.

If you double the number of martial arts students on your mats, you can double your profit at your martial arts school — simple, yes, but you’ll also need to incase your spending on advertising, classes, and so on.

And focusing on retention and increasing your student lifetime value can increase your profits significantly.

It's not rocket science, but it takes hard work to keep students engaged and showing up on the mats each week.

Want more ways to increase revenue at your martial arts school? Read my blog: Double your Revenue

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