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Remote Master Class

February 12, 20237 min read

Remote Master Class

 Have you ever thought about: How to PACK Your Online Classes with NEW Remote Students WITHOUT…. 

Without… Cheap Privates Lessons

Without… Waiting For Uncle Sam

Without…. Super Discounted Memberships & Cheap PIF

Many people want you to think that you will struggle to stay in business without relying on…Government assistance, Begging members to, Stay/donate, Go fund me’s

It’s just NOT TRUE….

So in this blog, I want to help Academy Owner who want to Thrive Right NOW, Not Just Survive

I want to HELP Academy Owner that want NEW remote students

My goal from this is to HELP You Stay in Business…

The ONLY WAY for you to Thrive during this pandemic is to get NEW remote students and I will Show you how…

Remember you really have many choices…

You can spend your own Money, Time, Energy trying to figure it our how to do it Alone OR… I can show you step by step what’s working for us & others all around the US and get you to win fast 

Or… you can close your doors and say you did your best 

And another option is… Hope

Hope, you can feed yourself. Hope, this will blow over soon. Hope, everyone comes rushing back. Hope, your competition doesn’t figure it out before you



Join us and follow the same blueprint a bunch of other academy owners are having GREAT success with…and read this blog to get some secrets…

Secret #1: How To Leverage The Remote Academy System To Have New Students Pay More Than Most Charge For In Person Classes

Some people think: “No one will pay for this…”

But let me tell you a quick story…

“The Wendy’s experiment…

 Wendy Set a 5-star restaurant and people gave higher ratings on the same food and said it tasted better just because of the experience

Yes, it’s all about the Experience…

People will pay more for the experiences (Movies: Phone vs Imax, Regular Movie vs 3D, Redbox vs Theater,…)

I know you’re thinking: “But I can’t compete with the big players…”

You are CORRECT 

But the TRUTH is…. You absolutely can Compete

No one really likes “Big Corporation” like Walmart…

… you always hear people talk about good ole mom and pop shops, … or local business

They want experience, speed, consistency, convenience and human touch…

Remember “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein 

Then you might also be thinking: “I don’t think anyone will want to do martial arts online. It’s an in-person thing”

But the problem is… you’re thinking like a martial artist

The truth is… you’re not selling to people that have already done BJJ or martial arts, you’re selling to new people that have wanted to try but they were scared, no time, overweight, hurt,….so sell them the experience

Martial arts is so much more than just rolling and sparring. You are selling the BJJ lifestyle: leadership, confidence, bully proof, healthy habits,…

Selling will save your academy…

Everything begins with sales, no matter where you are in life, in business,...

If you don't make sales, you don't make money.

Remember: leads, sales and scale. You get people in, then you will be able to sell them and finally, how you can scale your business

Secret #2: How Your Academy Can Stay In Business WITHOUT Relying On Government Handouts

Many people think: “My students are losing their jobs so they’re quitting, pausing/freezing so I have to get money from the government because it’s not my fault”

No…. Don’t do this…. 

I was hoping for FREE Money too. But I’m not going to beg for it. I’m not going to ask people to donate or set up go fund me (SMH)

I was hoping for FREE Money too

I thought the Govt bailouts sounded good when I first heard them… 

Then I realized they were too good to be true. You may get some money but it won’t replace what you have lost and it may cost you and your business in the end.

So, in this blog what I am going to do is have you Fight For It…

I’m going to HELP YOU work for it

I’m going to HELP YOU sell for it

I’m going to HELP YOU find a way to win!

I’m also going to push you past your limits and break your beliefs on what you think you can do and what can be done!

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the Strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce Lee

Some Academy Owners might also think: “The government has to save me.. I’ll be getting stimulus money or government assistance so I’m good to ride this out” or “they’re reopening states already so this will end soon and the economy will go back to normal”

Wrong again…

How long before normal? (I still think you will need online training for 3-6 month.)

 How much will you get?  Who knows if it will cover all your expenses? Will the students rush back?

Maybe, maybe not!

Ask yourself: “What will your Legacy be?” 

Victim or Victor… You Decide

Remember: Pressure = Diamonds or Dust? You Decide…

You need to take control.

As long as you take action you will get the results 

If you're a fighter which I know you are. It’s time to start fighting back! Follow the path I’m showing you…We are already doing it and getting results right now

I show you how to sell your way out of this crisis You need to fight and sell

Or wait for the government’s hand out if it comes…

Secret #3: Why To Get Recurring Payments For Remote Services Instead Of Risky Paid In Fulls (PIFs)

What should you sell?

Some academy owners say they don’t know how to sell monthly membership when they can’t have normal in person classes

There are a lot of “guru’s” out there saying yo get PIF Memberships for NOW for future classes

What should you do?

PIF a few problems with this…

Normally we cap how many paid in fulls because of Cashflow

1st is it legal in your area to collect PIF Normally, or Right now?

2nd what if you need the cash now use it and don’t open til the fall

Will they want money back? Will they want more? How will you make rent later?

A lot of PIF now will put a ton of pressure on your business later. I feel you will have more flexibility now with creditors then in a few months. 

So, what’s I recommend is that: 

SELL NOW for service NOW. Sell Now what you can fulfill on Now

Never try to guess the future

For example: Sell them into a shorter term program 30-45 days then up sell them into your full online membership or in house membership if you’re open “I’ll show you how to do this)

This way you don’t owe anyone future service or if things go bad Money 

Some people also think: “people don’t have money right now!”

But most people are still working or they are getting unemployment… There is plenty of money out there, you just need to ask for it.

For example: Our system prides itself on getting up front cash. That is why we are selling these programs for $199-$299 for 28-42 days. And then we see 70-80% of them stick around and become full 12 month members


In conclusion, remember that you can’t control what is happening around you, but you can control how you respond. Plus, if it’s like the Spanish Flu (like many experts are warning) there might be a second wave and things might to be shut down again That’s why we are selling online memberships now and will continue for the foreseeable future

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