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How to Attract Qualified Leads To Your Martial Arts School

December 04, 20225 min read

If you want more qualified leads for your martial arts school, keep reading...

The key to having new students lining up is an "irresistible offer."

Most martial arts school offers look something like this: 7 days free trial,14 days free trial, or 30 days free trial… 

But if you really want to get more leads, AND if you want to be the highest-priced martial arts school in your area, and you need to STAND OUT.

Here are 7 keys areas you can focus on to better position yourself in the market in the minds of your prospects.

#1: Authority 

Most people want to learn martial arts from the best instructors in their area.

And people pay premium prices to experts, and once you become viewed as an expert, you are highly trusted. 

Okay, so you need to position yourself as an expert,

But how?

Social proof, publicize your belt awards, other martial arts accolades and experiences, and student testimonials. 

If you're an authority in the mind of the prospects, it's easier to ask for more money - it's that simple.

Testimonials and social proof build credibility for you as an instructor and as a martial arts school.

Post your testimonials on the walls in your sales room, or build a binder of testimonials.

Prospects will read your testimonials and think: “If it worked for him, it will work for me”

#2: Price Anchor  

Price anchoring the cost of your martial arts classes is a way to bring a reference point to the offer's value.

For example: if you set up your price at $999/program, prospects think: “Wow, others spend that much for martial arts, this program may be worth, what’s the difference, let’s check this out?” Then you can demonstrate the value you can provide for them, distinguishing you from your competition (read #3 to know more)

Raising your prices allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. First, you can focus on your worth. 

Second, you make more money, which allows you to pay more for advertising and generate more leads that pay for themselves (Leads Pay for Leads).

#3: Contrasting the stack 

People place various values on different things. Some people regard videos more than books, while others value books more than videos….

A contrasting stack means you have a collection of items you will deliver to your students in various formats. It can be a physical, verbal, and visual format,… everything that will bring value to your customers. 

For example, instead of just saying come in sign up for martial arts classes...

When you join our academy today, you'll get a free self-defense guide, access to our online training portal, private FB group community access, and more!

Your new students will feel they're getting value and bonuses. They'll be willing to pay more for your offer than the martial arts school down the road offering boring 'free class' offers.

#4: Scarcity 

Scarcity creates the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and you can use this tactic to attract more leads for your martial arts school. 

Scarcity is very effective. 

When people see less of something, our brains assume it’s more valuable.

For example, instead of talking about how no one shows up to morning classes...highlight the limit of your class sizes or limited amount of spots for your next "6-week beginnings program."

#5: Urgency 

Delay kills your sale! A lot of times prospects are looking for excuses not to act.

Similar to scarcity, you want to limit the time for people to join your program.

Academy Kings members typically solve this problem by starting a "6 Week Program" for beginnings, sometimes focused around self-defense, etc.. That way, when talking to prospects, they can tell them, "Our next class starts next Tuesday," to help add urgency to the conversation.

#6 Crazy Guarantee to get Hundreds of Leads

Something else that creates trust and is even more powerful: adding a strong guarantee to your offer. 

For example, 30-day money-back guarantee and outcome guarantees... If you do not obtain the desired results, we will refund...

Although using a guarantee would make your offer look more trustworthy, you may still be hesitant to do this. 

Putting all the risk on yourself might make you afraid that people will take advantage of your guarantee.

However, you should have a guarantee in any case. Yes, a limited number of people may take advantage of it. But as long as you're giving an honest service, you'll be okay.

Why? Because people who might be ready to buy, but think about risks, can be won over by your guarantee. The guarantee might be that final nudge they need to buy.

Remember: The guarantee will help you sell more memberships and more programs AND help you get more leads for your school…

#7: Spend more money on ads means more leads for your martial arts school

When you run ads, you can generate more leads. Paying for attention is the fasest way to scale your martial arts school.

Not only will your martial arts school get more students, but paid ads are key to a predictable flow of new prospects that want to try martial arts.

This is made possible with the help of an irresistible offer (like a 6-week self-defense program for 599," that allows you to get cash upfront and liquidate your acquisition costs.

Outspending your competitors is the name of the game.

You spend more money by far than anyone in your area but you also make more money by far than anyone in your area. So it's a cycle: spend money to make money.


Martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu is becoming more competitive now more than ever. This is why it's important to have a strong 'irresistible offer' that allows you to attract new students to your academy.


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