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3 Truths About Scaling A Martial Arts Academy

December 04, 20224 min read

IMPORTANT: If you want to expand your martial arts school, I don't mean merely raising your sales, but actually quickly scale... 

10 minutes of reading this entire post will provide you with an answer and will most likely save you time and thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

TRUTH #1: You WILL NOT Get To Where You Want To Be By Doing What You Are Doing Now…

With the ceaseless improvement and a faster pace of life, business practices change constantly, like a revolving door. Out with the old, and in with the new…

So, if you want to grow, you need to make changes…

Just like in jiu-jitsu, you must study AND train repeatedly in order to improve and advance to higher belt levels. The same is true in business: you must learn, train your mind, train your body, train your employees, and so on… All of these factors must be considered.

And you aren’t going to get better just by consuming free Facebook lives. You will get a lot of information about plans, strategies,… But the volume of information available to you does not make you richer. Information is just information.

Just like a white belt can’t be promoted simply by sitting on their couch watching BJJ YouTube videos. The same with running a business and scaling business 

The key is that you need to implement and turn it into your knowledge and experience… Investing time and money to understand and apply a tried-and-true method will enable you to move quickly.

Wearing a black belt does not mean you are invincible…. It means you never gave up, worked past the pain, overcame the disappointments, didn’t cave into your doubts, faced your fears, and learned enough to realize how little you actually know. 

TRUTH #2: If You Could Have Done It On Your Own, You Would Have Done It Already.

Know-it-alls are much more likely to underachieve than people who are looking to learn.

Always listen and ask questions if you want to be successful and free of financial difficulties. Read books and continue to study, and you will see a return on investment.

Furthermore, your chances of succeeding are much higher in a group, than alone. 

The power of several minds brainstorming together, far exceeds what one person could come up with alone. 

People who are better than you will push you farther if you are in a larger group. It's the same with money and it's the same with business.

More minds working on the same problem means we'll be able to solve it faster.

Things are changing so quickly that you must be able to adjust, and if you have a large group of people who can come up with ideas and how to implement them and test them across various marketplaces, you will see the benefits much faster. 

“None of us is as smart as all of us” - Kenneth H. Blanchard

TRUTH #3: You Need To Commit To a Coach/Mentor If You Want To Get The Same Results They Got 

Many people join a multitude of groups and implement some of the suggestions they come across… and they never get the result because they are not actually following the plan….

When a plan changes too frequently or without being seen through to fruition, it can be very difficult to measure the true impact of the efforts. The plan gets diluted from the changes and never maximized to its full potential…

You'll think to yourself, "Uh, this plan doesn't work, so I switch to another plan, which still doesn't work, so I switch again," and this will become a vicious cycle that makes it difficult to attain success.

Therefore, it’s important to stick with one plan.

When you change the variables, you change the outcome. It's similar to a sales script. You may change the entire screenplay by simply changing the tone, and you will completely miss the flow that the script should have. 

When you add bits and pieces here and there…. It leads to a Business Frankenstein… If you create a Monster and it will destroy more than it will grow… 

Therefore, it’s important to find a group that you resonate with, and the right mentor can make or break your shot at success. 

Remember: Un-Frankenstein your Business and stick to one system that’s proven to work. 


The three TRUTHS regarding growing a firm are listed above. And if you want to reach the success you feel you deserve, you must be willing to change. You must do more than dream; you must focus on the procedure that will lead you to your desired destination. 

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